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Experience More Than Just a Beautiful View

For over 22 years, the experts at Premier Window Supply have assisted homeowners throughout the Central Valley and Greater Sacramento Area, in choosing the best windows for their homes. By combining our vast industry knowledge, commitment to customer satisfaction, and access to top-quality windows, we’ve become the most trusted name for window installation. Meet with our window professionals today and discover how new Milgard windows can beautify your home, improve its value, and help lower your energy costs.

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Choosing the Right Window Material

When it comes to your home’s windows, we never skimp on style and selection. Milgard offers numerous framing materials so you can find the right window to match your home’s aesthetic and budget. Our knowledgeable and experienced window professionals can assist you in making the perfect selection for your home. Milgard window materials include the following:

  • FiberglassFiberglass is an excellent choice for a long-lasting and durable window. Fiberglass won’t swell, rot, or warp, making it ideal for several climate types.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl is one of the more affordable options on the market. However, there are many things to love about it. Vinyl offers superior insulation, UV resistance, and durability, making it a low-maintenance solution for busy homeowners. Explore our Style Line, Tuscany, and Trinsic series today.
  • AluminumAluminum’s lightweight yet robust form makes it the preferred window frame material in large architectural buildings and windows. It’s also highly eco-friendly.

Find the Best Style Windows for Your Home

Many factors go into choosing the right style window to install in your home, including personal preference, window size, and location of the window. When you meet with our team, we’ll help you understand all the different considerations so you can make the best choice for you and your home. The types of window styles we carry include the following:

Horizontal Slider

Homeowners choose horizontal sliders because of their compact and easy-to-open design. They offer a contemporary style that can match nearly any room in your home.

Single Hung

Single-hung windows feature a fixed top sash and a bottom sash that glides up and down on a track to allow air to enter your home. Its simple yet traditional design makes it a great option.

Double Hung

We carry two types of double-hung windows. One allows the top and bottom sash to move independently from one another. The other includes windowpanes that tilt inward to allow for easy cleaning.


For a better viewing experience, choose Milgard casement windows. There is no rail to obstruct your view. They’re hinged at the side, feature a hand crank, or can be pushed open.


Awning windows are ideal for basements because they only require a small amount of space for installation. You can use a hand crank to open the windowpane up and outward to allow for ventilation and easy operation.


These fixed windows are ideal when you want an unobstructed view. They allow plenty of natural sunlight to keep your home comfortable. We can install your picture window with insulated glass for better energy efficiency.


Specialty windows include garden, radius, and bay windows. If you’re searching for a specialty window, we can assist you. Specialty windows deliver stunning style to any home.

Experience the Difference You Can See

Premier Window Supply has a large selection of the most popular windows found in homes throughout the Central Valley and Greater Sacramento Area. Browse our selection and styles today and discover how our windows can help improve the curb appeal of your home while saving you money on energy costs. As a Platinum Rated Certified Dealer with Milgard, we can handle any residential project regardless of the number of windows and complexity.

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