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Window Screens for Your New Windows in the Central Valley and Greater Sacramento Area

Everyone enjoys allowing fresh air into their home during a beautiful afternoon. Premier Window Supply carries a selection of window screens to match your Central Valley and Greater Sacramento Area home. Choosing Milgard screens for your home offers numerous benefits. Depending on the type of window you have, window screens may be installed on the interior or exterior of your home. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of window professionals is available to assist you. We treat you and your home respectfully throughout the selection, installation, and follow-up process. Meet with our team today to get started.

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Discover the Benefits of Your New Window Screens

Whether you’re installing new windows and need matching window screens or a replacement screen for your existing window, you can always trust us for a high-quality product. Window screens offer homeowners numerous benefits to both their home’s comfort and security. Learn more about why window screens are crucial for your home:

  • Improves Comfort – One of the most apparent benefits of window screens is comfort. You can open your window to allow fresh outdoor air into your home.
  • Keeps Pests Out – Window screens also prevent insects, squirrels, and other pests from entering your home while you have your windows open.
  • Prevents Dirt – Protect your windows and reduce cleaning and maintenance with properly installed window screens.
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Types of Screens We Carry

At Premier Window Supply, we carry a wide selection of premium window screens from Milgard. We can install a new screen to match any of your windows. Learn more about the types of window screens we offer:

  • PureView® Screens – Enjoy the beautiful view with PureView® screens from Milgard. PureView® is manufactured with a smaller material which provides less visual disruption to your view.
  • Wicket Screen – When you need access to the window’s hardware to operate it, a wicket screen is a perfect option. They are installed on your casement and awning windows.
  • Hinge Screen – The hinge screen swings open to allow you the space you need to open the window. Once the window is open, you can close the screen to allow the outside air in while keeping pests out.

Get the Most From Your Home’s Windows

Without a window screen, you can’t enjoy the full capabilities of your home’s windows. Speak to our window professionals today to get started. We have 22 years of industry experience and can recommend the right screens for your home. Our locally-owned and -operated business thrives on positive word of mouth, which is why you can always trust us for the very best service throughout your entire experience. Schedule your window consultation today.

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